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We first planted grape vines in the spring of 2002, and pursued the venture each spring since. The vineyard extends now to 3 hectares.

We now have more than 5000 grape vines of different varieties. All are hybrids, making them hardy in the Quebec climate, and all will produce red grapes:
  • DM85
  • ES-5-1-7
  • ES-4-7-25

We are proud to present our very first vintage, which we have named: Le Domaine de la source à Marguerite. Also, we now produce a liqueur made only from red grapes, as smooth as a port! Our next vintages are also aging in oak barrels and will be available very soon.

Here are the main steps to planting a vineyard:

First year:

- Prepare the soil: plowing, harrowing
- Put down plastic mulching
- Plant the grape vines

Second year:

- Put in poles, anchors, and wires

The first two years the grape vines must be destalked: remove the new grape bunches, suppress the buds from the stem and prune each vine in the spring and in the fall.

Le Domaine de la source à Marguerite is located at 3788 Chemin Royal, Ste-Famille, Ile d’Orléans, fifteen minutes from Québec City. When you arrive on the island, turn left at the traffic light.
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